Introducing our new design jig for 2019!

This jig also has the castors as standard, there are 4 Rubber castors 2 braked & 2 unbraked, very durable & easy to move the car on these castors, jig also includes a link bar as standard so that the car is fully braced on the jig when moving it around a workshop.

  • Connector.

    Full 360 degree rotation

    Full 360 degree rotation rollover jig at the touch of a finger due to being perfectly balanced on the cars central axis.

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    Mounting Holes

    Bolts into place using the cars original bumper mounting holes with our stronger irons where required.

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    Perfectly Balanced

    Fully adjustable – there are 6 height settings which can be used to set height and more importantly, the cars centre of gravity. The cars seen in the pictures here are perfectly balanced and can be put into any angle using one hand and kept there without even being locked into position, but can be locked in any one of 16 positions (and you WILL use every one of them !!!), when being worked on. In our experience this adjustment is very important as if the rollover jig is mounted wrongly, as most are, it can become very top heavy and unstable and takes a lot of effort to rotate, as well as being unsafe. Also, for example, when mounting a convertible the balance will be different, with this jig you can “fine tune” the balance, especially if you purchase one of our self-loading/balancing tools.