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More Jig Information

Our aim has always been to produce these jigs and other products at an affordable price, we are sure you’d rather spend your hard-earned cash on parts for your project.

We often get asked “how much weight will it take?” and the answer is that they are meant for restoring body-shells, not complete cars and vans, but having said that there are allowances made for fitting panels etc. when you need the gaps to be right.

We have had cases where customers have mounted cars with engines running gear etc. but it is something we cannot recommend, although for light cars it is not really a problem to leave lighter items on.

VW campers in particular have very heavy front beams, these must be removed !!

The aim is to get the shell as light as possible, this will leave the shell very easy to turn. When a shell is mounted correctly the locking pin in the disc should be under no strain at all and can be turned single-handedly. If you break a locking pin or bend a locating disc, it wasn’t balanced properly. For accurate balancing use our Self-loader / balancing tool, a must have at just £70 for the pair.